York Medical Centre
" Trust our family to look after your family "

32 Clifton

Address32 Clifton, York, YO30 6AE
Telephone01904 653834
Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Weekends: Closed

Telephones are not operational outside of 8am - 6pm and weekends

Not yet Rated on NHS Choices

Welcome to the 32 Clifton Practice

32 Clifton York Medical Group is a family GP surgery that offers a wide range of services. We are located at 32 Clifton York. At the 32 Clifton surgery we can deal with long term conditions including diabetes and asthma and we can guide you through new diagnosis. At 32 Clifton we can offer travel advice and vaccinations. In the winter we have flu clinics. We have speciality clinic for minor surgery available at 32 Clifton.

We are an accessible surgery close to town but also on local bus routes. We have disabled access at the surgery but we do not have any parking facilities but local streets offer some limited parking options.

Our Partners Dr Andrew Field, Dr Rebecca Field and Dr Alice Fraser are supported by our team of GPs Dr Dylan Summers and Dr Rosemary Smith. Our wonderful nurse team Fiona Long, Angela Yeoman, Sue Shaw and Karen Page

Chloe Forth is the site lead for our 32 Clifton site can help deal with issues and enquiries at the surgery. The practice has a long history as a teaching practice and we work with HYMS (Hull and York Medical School).