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Friendly and helpful staff. Doctors do listen
Quality of doctors and being able to see the same one
Still very friendly family doctors and looks after your family and I very well.
can usually get in for emergency appointment
Staff are nice but when I ring the phone is NEVER answered, not once in the whole year I have been coming here. I have had to come into surgery in person or email for any enquires or appointment booking.
Care is good but it is difficult to get an appointment with a preferred doctor
Everything is in good order.
Helpful and efficient.
did not agree with the merge. Hate the merge and as predicted it hasnt improved things at all. Instead i have to deal with people that dont know us and make assumptions all the time. Ghastly new system for getting an appointment. I prefer my confidential info to be kept that way and just speak to a doctor not reception. Need i go on!!
Always had good service