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what a lovely bunch at the front facing desk. polite and professional.
The surgery new chairs are so much better in the waiting room
to say the reception staff and drs are under pressure they give a top service
It is run very well by the reception staff. They will go the extra mile.
It's good but it used to be better i.e. when i first became a patient at this practice, it wasn't rare to be seen on the same day or the day after calling...now you're lucky if it's within a week or two (and with a GP you like and feel comfortable with) BUT It's still better than Abbey Medical Group, i used to get told i couldn't be seen within the month...whilst in agony with sciatica and back pains, so it's no wonder A&E takes a beating from patients that shouldn't be going there.
very helpful receptionists and quick appointments when needed
Doctors and admin staff are rude