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It takes a long time to get an appointment. I often have difficulties with straightforward services such as repeat prescriptions. Some of the reception staff can be rude and unhelpful. I often have to wait a long time for someone to answer the phone and sometimes it isn't answered at all.
Lovely reception staff, had to wait too long for my appointment
The doctors always listen to what you are concerned about. The admin staff are always friendly and helpful. I can not praise the practice enough.
Found us an appointment at quite short notice, courteously, explained procedures clearly. The doctor gave us all the time we needed to discuss a complex situation.
A lovely surgery , very helpful. Took time to listen and did best to help getting apt as soon as was possible.
I have always been able to get appointments when required in a reasonable time frame. I have always been treated with kindness and have felt happy with advice and support given. There is however 1 doctor who I can not include in the above comments, I now always ensure we do not see that individual.
The reception staff at 32 Clifton are not helpful to say the least, and the urgent care treatment received by my son was wrong,and his condition misdiagnosed, and not even an apology. If you can get to see a GP it is fine,but chances are you can't.
Doctors within the practice need more training on diabetics care and need to know when they should be making a referral to see a consultant.
Doctors are excellent but receptionists need to give more empathy and can be rude sometimes which put of coming to the doctors or making appointment over phone to.
Woodthorpe Surgery- Can never get through by phone to books/cancel appt's. But especially frustrating when you receive a message to call them about some results and the line is always busy. Tried to call all afternoon one day and never managed to get through. 2 week waiting times is awful. I've never known anywhere so bad. Errors with booking me at the wrong surgery therefore appointments have been missed and both mine and the nurses wasted. Receptionists happy to chat behind the closed window and make you wait until they're ready to serve you and generally very slow paced.
Because I have been with the Practice since 1992 and always received a good service
Excellent service
Range of suggestions and considerate
Reception - very good prompt answering of our phones
My GP listened to me and was caring in her manner and provided a suitable course of action
The admin staff always do there best for you
Sometimes calling the practice is problematic. All else very good.
Lovely service from receptionist. Appointments with GP could be quicker.
Excellent service
Very helpful when my usual surgery couldn't fit me in soon enough. Staff seem very friendly
First Class service - Came to make an enquiry about how to go about my 'issue' saw the nurse within 5 minutes as appointment available. Thank you
Warm, Clean, Welcoming.
To long to wait. Hardly ever use doctors. Too many people come for the sake of it. Too many sick notes handed out to people who don't really need it. Clogging up the NHS.
The lady from reception offered me resetting password to my online service that I've forgotten ages ago so I can use it again.
More Doctor's but I know you can't, getting an appointment, but great phone back
Friendly staff Online prescription service is a bit unreliable
I didn't want Petergate to merge but it was the best thing as I can go anywhere. It would be nice to see Dr Hammond a bit easier. It is easier to get prescriptions online.
The online site to book is very easy and since you have joined York Medical Group it is such a wonderful thing to have done.
It's relaxed and efficient and very tranquil
I was able to get in for once straight away. However this is the only doctors I know where wait times can be over an hour and 20 minutes and appointments you wait over a fortnight.
I visit rarely but always seem to have to wait for my appointment even though I arrive promptly - No apology