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I can never get urgent care for myself, or my family, at our practice in Monkgate. I don't want to go to Water Lane. If I lived near there, I would have registered there. Pensioners and those with mental health issues NEED continuity of care. The receptionist at the Acomb practice couldn't give my 83 year old Dad an urgent care appointment for a spreading infection. He ended up in hospital that night on an antibiotic drip. The new phone system is abysmal. Repeating the same information again and again during the wait is annoying in the extreme - it's almost like you want people to get irritated and hang up before you get to them.
Because it's nearly impossible to get an appointment at the surgery . Telling folks to call back at midday for spare appointments then when you ring there are 15 people in the queue waiting for the same thing . It takes forever to get through when you try contact the surgery caller No1 at 8pm 25 minutes on hold it a joke . The surgery is hopeless now even trying to get an appointment when the Dr asks you to make one is impossible . Sit in the waiting room and listen to the comments. My biggest bug bear with this is why would I want to travel across york to another surgery when I moved here because it was local I did come here to be told nope no appointments . Then been told you can ring 111 after 6pm . It's a shambles you need to take a look at what you have created
Always had good service
All the staff, doctors, nurses and receptionists I have dealt with have been great but the appointment system is frustrating and prohibitive. Especially as I have a great deal of trouble verbalising on the phone. I have avoided making emergency appointmemts several times because I cannot phone, and the wait for a routine appointment is often over a month. I have ongoing health issues so often it isn't an "emergency", but I do need to speak with my GP sooner than next month. I'm not sure what the answer is, but it's very stressful.
Excellent support over the last 20 years
I'm happy with service
Virtually impossible to get a routine appointment, difficult to get emergency appointment. Telephone appointment system is a shambles. Some of the receptionists are rude and unhelpful, although some are good. Continuity of care is non-existent.
Very friendly happy to help staff. A breath of fresh air.
The staff were very friendly and helpful with our issues and made us feel top priority.
Very Friendly & helpful
Went above and beyond to help me receive my blood test & x-ray results. They are the best !
Takes far too long to get appointments
Your telephone system appears to be deliberately designed to put people off. The options are limited and it is obviously understaffed. My son - the patient - describes being repeatedly 'fobbed off'. This is easily done given the nature of his mental health problems
Care has become inconsistent and there is little continuity. YMG is unable to cope with the large number of patients it already has. Feeling guilty about asking for an appointment or telephone call, and a couple of times recently receiving sub-optimal care, is unnerving though doubtless due to staff pressures. We are considering leaving YMG for a happier practice.