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Long wait times for appointments, never see the same GP, often have to go a different surgery.
Enjoy seeing my online records. Also staff and doctors are extremely good.
You cant get an apointment for love nor money appalling level of service from some doctors
Excellent feedback from blood tests in monitoring my current condition and generally taking an interest in my health, requesting my attendance at a surgery when necessary.
not back in York very long but needed a GP. Every interaction with staff has been friendly and helpful, prompt and helpful call-back with phone consultations, and the online services are really good.
waiting times for appointments are absolutely horrendous. dr field (male) comes across as arrogant and uncaring.
everyone is very polite and kind but trying to get an appointment is very hard, especially if you need to see the same doctor. it has got progressively worse in the last year. people don't fit boxes or computers...sometimes its urgent.
efficient phone service would help. more doctors present everyday in surgery. effective and efficient system to process appointments, sick notes- enquires etc.
my appointment over 35 mins late
The doctors and staff are lovely but it can take a while to get through on the phone or for an appointment
Due to frustrations and anxieties of being unable to see the same doctor I feel most comfortable with. Having to explain how I am feeling to doctors who are strangers to me and unable to have an understanding of how I am feeling.
Some excellent staff; thank you especially to Dr Warry and Nurse Reeder, both of who have gone well above and beyond for me and provided exceptional care. Would have given the practice a higher score overall but it can be hard to get an appointment in reasonable time for those of us working full time.
I use the service only when I need to and because it is almost impossible to get an appointment when I need to see someone I would use any other practice. This is because I very rarely see the same doctor in Consecutive appointments. Or indeed at the same surgery.
Firstly the phone system is awful. Was on the phone for 29 minutes waiting to get through before I got cut off by you automatic message of “experiencing high call volumes. Call back later.” Called again and went to the back of the queue. It’s been 35 minutes in total and still on hold. Secondly, the communication between the survey and patients is awful. You never told me when my doctor changed, then all the phone numbers changed, when you changed medication without saying anything! Thirdly, the consistency of treatment is awful - I have previously complained about this. And finally, when your admin have messed up on repeat prescriptions there was no offer of getting is sorted out. I complained again and got no response.
The care given is good, however you can never get a routine appointment. I was told this morning I’d have to wait 5 weeks for an appointment- it’s ridiculous
although there is long wait time for an appointment I find the majority of GP's i have seen to be helpful
excellent staff. very difficult to get correct person on phone. very difficult to get a non urgent appointment.
friendly efficient service, gave all the advice I needed.
waiting time to see a doctor. its got to be a emergency before you get a appointment. sometimes its 2-3 week before you get to see a dr. the plus side the staff are always friendly when you ring.
it is very difficult to get appointments, even for weeks in advance.
it is very difficult to get appointments, even for weeks in advance.
fantastic care thank you very much
appointments with a specific GP are always the gold dust. any routine appointment with anyone is likely to take weeks. once you get to see someone they are kind a professional