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I have been waiting in excess of 13 minutes for someone to pick up the phone, being number 2 in the queue, at 32 Clifton. The service is atrocious and has been in perpetual decline since joining York Medical Group. Please can we go back to having a practice that values its patients above costs.
The appointment system is not fit for purpose. Today 10 September there are no routine appointments available - only same day urgent appointments for which you have to phone at 8amand wait in a queue of sometimes 25 hopeful callers - or in my case hear a recorded message to call back later. A personal visit to 32 Clifton was equally fruitless and I was told there were no routine slots anywhere in the group. However, I then went to Water Lane practice where a more helpful receptionist found me a date in four days time at Skelton. Apparently a new appointments procedure starts later this month: it will have to be far more patient friendly and efficient than what I have experienced. I am on the point of moving to another GP unless things properly improve. So the Group fails the Friends and Tamily Test abysmally.
Because it is virtually impossible to make an appointment redering your service useless
Always receive good advice when seen by medical staff, whether GP or Practice Nurse,