We have a new member of our clinical team joining us soon in a role York Medical Group has not had before. Rebecca Archer will be joining us as a Physician's Associate. We have some more information below

Physician’s Associate, this is quite a new role in the UK, right click here to watch the video this will explain the role.

Dr Rebecca Field has some more information regarding this role:

"Rebecca completed an undergraduate science degree prior to undertaking a 2-year intensive Physician Associate MSc, during which time she had a 6-month placement at York Medical Group. She was trained in history taking, examination, diagnosis and management planning across a wide range of medical specialities, and will continue to work in medical specialities in the hospital whilst also working at York Medical Group. Her role will evolve with us, and she will contribute to our urgent care team, as well as routine/ continuing care work. At present Physician Associates do not have a license to prescribe medications, although have had training in this area, and will be able to make recommendations with the support of prescribing colleagues."